Empowering Excellence in Emergency Medical Services

Enhancing Lifesaving Care Across North Central Connecticut

We lead the charge in developing and coordinating top-tier emergency medical services for North Central Connecticut while operating a cutting-edge Regional EMS Communications Center.

About Us

Our Mission

The North Central Connecticut Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. (NCCEMSC) is a non-profit corporation charged by the Statues and Regulations of the State of Connecticut to: plan, establish, coordinate and administer the development of an efficient emergency medical services system and to perform any functions which may be necessary or proper to contribute to the attainment of the highest quality emergency medical services (EMS) for the people of North Central Connecticut.


NCCEMS also owns and operates North Central CMED, the Regional Emergency Medical Services Communications Center. CMED, which is an acronym for Coordinated Medical Emergency Direction is funded entirely by participating cities and towns. These funds are devoted to CMED Operations.


The Council accomplishes its statutory responsibilities through the coordinated actions of several standing committees and ad hoc task forces which are composed of volunteer members from within the North Central Region. Policies developed by these Committees are approved by the Executive Committee and subsequently ratified by the Board of Directors. They are then implemented by the administrative staff of the Council.

North Central CMED System

The North Central CMED System

North Central CMED operates on a UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) two way radio system.


The Center is operational and staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by highly trained Public Safety Telecommunicators.


During a 9-1-1 medical emergency each certified or licensed EMS Provider is in contact with North Central CMED. The communications system facilitates coordination between ambulances in 28 municipalities and 8 hospitals while the patient is en-route.


Mass gatherings, such as concerts, athletic events, local fairs, etc., can involve North Central CMED for planning and coordination of EMS services. In addition North Central CMED is the activation point for the Connecticut Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan (LTCMAP).  CT LTCMAP establishes a course of action and agreed commitment among participating hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living residences to assist each other when disaster strikes.

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