CMED Public Safety Telecommunicator

Job Description

CMED Telecommunicator is responsible for the coordination and control of CMED radio and telephone communications relating to the provision of Emergency Medical Services; answering emergency telephone lines and processing incoming emergency requests using the Medical Priority dispatch System (MPDS) protocols as established by the Nation Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch (NAEMD).

Essential Job Functions:
Provide telecommunication channels/telephone lines between appropriate medical facilities, EMS personnel, and other appropriate personnel. Coordinate the movements of EMS vehicles while  nroute to the scene and/or to a medical facility. Maintain status of all receiving hospitals and provide this information to EMS personnel as needed. Maintain appropriate records of all  elecommunications.


  • Follow policies, procedures and practices necessary to conduct the normal function of the CMED Center.
  • Carry out routine duties and responsibilities with supervision.


Required: High School diploma or equivalency


Successful completion of a Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) certification course as established by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch (NAEMD) within first 6 months of employment. Complete requirements for CPR certification. Maintain all certifications required to perform the duties of this position.


Physical Requirements:
Successful completion of the Perfex Examination. Command of the English language, both written and verbal, and the ability to speak clearly and distinctly.

Job Experience

Six months work experience required in a similar service-oriented industry. One year work experience preferred. Have knowledge of computers, demonstrate customer service capability and/or  communications abilities.

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